CocktailBook - A two day Ruby on Rails project

CocktailBook is a small Ruby on Rails application that I developed in two days as my first project in Le Wagon’s bootcamp. The goal was to design, implement and ship an app from start to end.

I learned how to …

  • create an app with three data models (cocktails, doses, ingredients).
  • implement routes, controller actions and views for the relevant CRUD actions.
  • use a REST API for seeding some data into the database.
  • deploy to Heroku.
  • integrate a Javascript function to change the Navbar on scrolling.
  • implement a simple search functionality.

… by implementing following user stories

As a user I can …

  • view all cocktails in an overview
  • search for a cocktail
  • add a cocktail (name, doses, instruction, photo url)
  • edit or delete the doses (how much of an ingredient) of a cocktail


It is a very simple app. The goal was to practice the MVC pattern with its CRUD actions in a Ruby on Rails application.

Next …

I’d improve the design. Also, to make it a „valid“ app, I would implement user authentication to enable following features:

As a signed in user I can…

  • edit only cocktails that I have created
  • delete a cocktail
  • star a cocktail on a favorites list
  • rate a cocktail that hasn’t been created by me