About Philipp

What I’m Passionate About

  • Contributing to software helping people.

    I’m not talking about luxury problems like a slightly nicer “fintech” online bank UI, food delivery, or “sharing economy” like scooter sharing. I want to help people on a more foundational part of maslow’s pyramid of needs. I won’t find it motivating either if the software is useful, but not being used. And lastly, I must be able to see my own impact on working on it, and be allowed autonomy to make meaningful decisions.

  • Sustainability.

    It’s not like I’m a poster child for it: I do enjoy travelling, and I do enjoy buying new tech devices. I’m not vegetarian either. I try to be aware of my impact though and minimise it within my lifestyle. Seeing an electric car or energy efficient houses build from wood fills me with optimism for the future.

  • Espresso.

  • Listening to music on high quality gear.

Things I’m Struggling With

  • Knowing my own path.

    It’s easy to follow everyone else. I need to consciously listen to myself to notice what I want and then muster the strength to act on it. If I wouldn’t do it, I’d be unhappy quickly. At least I usually find it easier to know what I don’t want.

  • Work/life balance & contributing to society in my free time.

    It’s not as if I have a hard time filling 40h a week with work, I enjoy it. It’s just that the remaining time and energy never feel enough to fully reset, spend time on hobbies, and care for society. I do not find time to do sports, or to participate in a common cause. I honestly wonder how other people do it!