Roadblocks in roadmapping

Observed bad examples

After having worked in one lean start-up and later a start-up merged into a corporate, I noticed that roadmapping for the next few months never “felt right”. Much of the description below focus on the corporate scenario – but the majority of core issues applied to the lean startup as well, just with less steps and overhead.

Roadmapping utopia

In a company where employees have been hired because for their sound judgment, trust-worthiness, and job knowledge, roadmapping is a group exercise where the diversity of perspectives leads to better outcomes. Management mainly orchestrates the roadmapping process, so that it stays within limits given by the business, and to make sure that all perspectives are weighted appropriately.

Here’s a process proposal for a company with 30-50 employees1:



  1. In a small company, “benevolent dictatorship” might be more fitting. Just make sure to double down on sharing the strategy, the “why”, the “how” in a way that everyone feels they understand your decision and could see themselves having made similar ones if they were in your shoes. Being very transparent about the trade-offs will help to gain understanding.