Your creation is not crucial enough for feedback

This awesome feeling when you launch a super-cool, crucial feature that took months of honest work from idea to shipping it.

You imagine tweet-storms full of praise. You expect measurable KPI improvements. Or even just reports about the inevitable bugs. Any Feedback.

But you hear… crickets.

There’s two options why this could be:

  1. The feature is well-designed and fills a gap users always felt. Now that the feature is there and works as expected, users don’t even remember the times before it. You actually improved the core product, you just didn’t deliver something so outlandish that people noticed the moment of change.
  2. Your product is not crucial enough for people to spent time and energy on feedback. They don’t care enough about your creation.

Usually it’s 2.. If we’re talking about your main product, you better start thinking about that product-market-fit…1


  1. Similar dynamics apply to feedback from your colleagues about your work. Not hearing anything might mean that you’re doing everything alright, and there’s nothing important to share (though great work will always get compliments). Or just that they don’t care enough about you or your work output to go through the troubles of sharing it (in an appropriate form). A professional work place will have processes in place to ensure that you’re getting feedback even if those cases.